Frequently Asked Questions

General Business Overview

We are a technology company, linking users to our own network of Mobile Vehicle Cleaning and Detailing Technicians, bringing convenience, quality and time-saving solutions to people looking for on-demand vehicle cleaning and detailing services, wherever they are, all at the tap of a button.

Our Purpose is to provide our Customers with a convenient, superior quality vehicle wash, valet and detailing solution, merging world class technology and products, with the best of personal service, driven by people passionate about serving their communities.

Our Values – Convenience; Professional; Innovative; Respect and Integrity, underpin our purpose. They define who we are; what we stand for and how we behave.

Our Washers are all background checked, highly trained and insured professional cleaners and detailers, who take pride in their work.

We clean and detail all kinds of vehicle types and sizes, even bicycles. To see our list of vehicles, click here.

We have 5 tiered Service Packages to best suit your needs! To see our list of packages, click here.

We employ three different types of wash methods. Each one of these takes into account the need to conserve water, from the equipment we utilise to perform the water washes, to the revolutionary Optimum No Rinse and Waterless washing techniques.

Waterless Method (Almost no water, as product contains water) - Recommended for lightly dirty vehicles:

We provide descriptions of what wash method is appropriate for the condition of your vehicle, so you can pick the one that best suits your needs. All of our methods take into account the need to conserve water, from the equipment we utilise to perform the water washes, to the revolutionary Optimum No Rinse and Waterless washing techniques. Our high-pressure cleaners utilise approximately 80% to 85% less water than conventional garden hoses. A conventional wash, for a medium to large sized vehicle, depending on how dirty the vehicle is, utilises approximately 25 to 35 litres of water, often even less (high pressure cleaner initial spray down = 10L to 15L; soap solution = 5L; rinse water = 5L and final high pressure cleaner final spray down = 5L to 10L. Our Optimum No Rinse (ONR) method uses just 10 litres (Initial ONR solution spray down = 1L; ONR solution = 4L and rinse water = 5L. The Waterless method uses almost no water, with the only water being that which is contained in the specialised waterless wash and wax solution.

Our Washers come fully equipped with the tools and supplies necessary to provide a professional wash / valet / detail of your vehicle/s, at a location of your choice. Our Customer satisfaction is paramount and a great deal of emphasis and research has been placed on our mobility and ability to perform a seamless, convenient and pleasant experience.

Wash - Although we do carry a certain amount of water on our vehicles, depending on your selected wash method, we will require access to a water and electricity outlet.

Our high-pressure cleaners are designed to be used from an alternative water source. This means that our machines can be used during a hose pipe ban and makes them environmentally friendly.

Being able to use them from an alternative water source also gives you greater flexibility when working, as you will not be tied to remaining near your water mains source.

Interior Clean - All interior cleaning is performed by hand. Our vehicles are equipped with vacuum cleaners and although it is not absolutely necessary, we do prefer using these to ensure a deeper clean of your carpets; your cloth, as well as leather upholstery and the overall interior. Vacuum cleaning will require access to an electricity point.

Polishing and Waxing - All polishing and waxing is performed by hand.

All of our Washers are professionally trained and tested on an ongoing basis, utilising world class equipment; products and proven techniques, ensuring that your vehicle/s are always in the best of hands, with absolutely no compromise on the quality of the finished product.

Valet-V was founded with time-saving, convenience and quality of service in mind. With a great deal of emphasis placed on our mobility, this means we are able to operate from anywhere. Your location is your choice and as long as this facilitates the performance of your chosen Service Package and Wash Method, has sufficient space for us to operate in and we have the necessary permission to operate from this space, we are good to go.

You are able to book multiple vehicles, as long as the times they are booked and the duration of the service packages can be accommodated in the available time on the selected day.

Our personnel are not authorised to drive / move Customer’s vehicles. You will need to ensure your vehicle/s are parked in the area they will be cleaned.

Park your vehicle/s in the area you want them cleaned. Once the Washer arrives at your location, you will receive a notification. It is preferable to unlock your vehicle/s for the Washer, even if they are only performing an Exterior clean, but this is not absolutely necessary. This is mainly to ensure that the service and final result are not compromised in any way, however that is your choice. Our Washers like to ensure that the door; boot and bonnet jams are properly cleaned and dried. It is our Company Policy that our Washers do not operate your vehicles in any way and if requested to do so, they will politely decline.

This is not a requirement, or a necessity, even if the Service Package you have selected, includes having the inside of your vehicle cleaned. We will however require that you unlock your vehicle for interior cleaning.

You are able to book multiple Washers, if you have multiple vehicles booked. This is particularly useful when you have limited time and need the services expedited.

Should you choose to make a booking for somebody else, which is a once off, please follow the process of adding an ad hoc vehicle to your Profile and make sure the address of the location is added correctly. Should you want to add this vehicle and location to your profile, please add and save these accordingly. All notifications for the Service will be received by the person that makes the booking. Payment can be made utilising all three methods available. Please note that if our secure In App credit / debit card, or V-Tokens process is utilised, the person who placed the booking will need to process these. Alternatively, if card machine, or cash is selected, then the Washer will process this with the vehicle owner.

This depends entirely on the Service Package you selected and the size of your vehicle. Based on your selections, our App automatically performs the necessary time calculations upon placing your booking and this will be disclosed on the booking summary, prior to your confirmation thereof.

When making your booking, please consult our “Show Weather” box. This provides you with a three hourly, five day forecast. This will assist you with your planning.In the event of inclement weather, such as excessive wind, rain or hail, Valet-V can continue services in areas that are covered e.g. garages, covered parking lots, car ports, etc. If no covered areas are available, you need to assess the current climate and reschedule a more convenient time for your service.

This can be done in three different ways:

One V-Token is valued at R15. These V-Tokens can be utilised as a form of payment against any service selected, provided you have sufficient V-Tokens available for the particular service selected.

3D Secure (3-Domain secure), also known as Payer Authentication, is a security protocol to prevent fraud in transactions with credit and debit cards online. Currently, this service is provided by Visa and MasterCard, under the name Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code, respectively.

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) was developed to encourage and enhance cardholder data security and facilitate the broad adoption of consistent data security measures globally.

PCI DSS provides a baseline of technical and operational requirements designed to protect cardholder data. PCI DSS applies to all entities involved in payment card processing – including merchants, processors, acquirers, issuers, and service providers, as well as all other entities that store, process or transmit cardholder data.

You are able to add multiple cards, utilising our In-App process. Should the details of your already registered card/s change, simple delete that / those that are no longer applicable and add your new card/s.

You will be prompted to add a tip if you would like. This can be done via any of our selected payment methods. 100% of all tips are paid to the Washer.

Sure, that's simple. Your service history is stored under “Service History” and “Settings” in the menu. Go to the “Menu” (3 parallel lines at the top left of the screen), go to “Service History”, or “Settings” and you will be able to obtain all the relevant details of your favourite Washers.

When you capture your credit / debit card details utilising our In-App process, an OTP (One Time Pin) is returned to you for authentication. Once this is entered, a pre-authorisation charge of R1 is processed for validation. This pre-authorisation charge is a temporary charge and will be returned to your bank account in approximately 5 to 7 days, but this period varies from bank to bank.

We are currently operating in the North West of Gauteng and will continue expanding our service area.

Should we not be servicing your area yet, a notification, "There are no franchises in your location yet", will appear on your screen. We are constantly expanding our reach and will notify you once our services become available in your particular area.

Yes, except for Easter Sunday and Christmas Day.

Please utilise the following channels:

Email: | Phone: +27 (0)87 809 1537

Specific Operations Overview

3) Download the Valet-V App on the App Store and Google play now. You will also be able to make a booking, utilising our Website Booking Portal.

4) The Account registration process consists of 4 simple steps in creating your Profile:

Each completed step in the process, is denoted by the applicable step’s icon and a progress marker %, displayed at the bottom of the screen. Step 1 (Contact details) (25%); Step 2 (Vehicle/s details) (50%); Step 3 (Location/s details) (75%) and Step 4 (Payment details) (100%).

5) Step 1 - Contact details (25%): Manually register your account, or register through Facebook or Google.

6) Once you are happy you have completed all the required fields correctly, you can add a Profile picture (optional) and save.

7) An OTP (One Time Pin) will be returned to you for verification.

8) Whenever you log out of the Valet-V App, you will use these saved credentials to sign in with again.

9) Step 2 - Vehicle details (50%): Register your vehicle/s details and save. Tap next.

10) Step 3 - Location details (75%): Register your location/s details and save (These represent your “Favourites”, ie: The places you are most likely to have your vehicle/s cleaned). Tap next.

11) Step 4 - Payment details (100%): Register your preferred payment method. This is only applicable if you are capturing your credit/debit card utilising our In-App process. The other options do not require any details to be registered. Tap complete.

12) You will now be directed to our "Terms and Conditions" page. Once you have read and accepted these, you will automatically be directed to our Bookings Home Page.

Simply tap on “Forgot Password”. A message, “Password reset link has been sent to “your registered e-mail address” will appear on your screen. Go to your e-mail, where you will receive the following message: “If you did not request a password reset, please ignore this email. Otherwise please follow the link below”. Click on the link and follow the prompts to reset your password. Once you click on “Reset Password”, you will be up and running in no time.

Simply tap on the menu icon (3 parallel lines at the top left of the screen). Go into “Profile”, proceed with changing your password and “Save”.

1) Once at the Bookings Home Screen, select “Book Now”.

2) Select the vehicle/s you wish to have cleaned from your “Favourites List” captured under your Profile, the Service Type and Wash Method. Should you wish to have a vehicle cleaned that is not part of your Profile (For Example, a rental vehicle) and you don’t want to save this particular vehicle permanently under your Profile, tap “Add Another Vehicle” and save it as an “Ad Hoc Vehicle”. Once the selected service for this “Ad Hoc Vehicle” is completed, it’s details will automatically be cleared and not be saved under your Profile.

3) Add your selection/s to the shopping cart.

4) Once you are happy with your selection/s, tap on the shopping cart (Top right hand corner).

5) If you have one of our promotional vouchers, which entitles you to a % discount on your entire shopping cart value, please enter the promo voucher code here. These promotional vouchers will usually be shared on social media networks.

6) Select your location/s from your “Favourites List” captured under your Profile, or add another location, alternatively select “Use Current Location”.

7) Tap “Continue”.

8) Select your preferred date and time, either same day, or future slot.

9) Select your preferred Washer. If you are not a first time user and would like to utilise a particular person whose services you have been happy with in the past, but cannot remember their details, go into the “Menu” (3 parallel lines at the top left of the screen) and peruse your “Service History”. You will find all their relevant details listed here. Alternatively, if you are a first time user; or your favourite Washer is unavailable, or you don’t have a particular preference, select “Random” and the Valet-V App will search for the closest available Washer.

10) The “Show Weather” button is there to assist you with planning your service.

11) If you would like to set your service for a regular fixed time and date, select “Recurring” and this will provide you with weekly; fortnightly and monthly interval options. When you make an initial booking, on a preferred day and time, you are able to select one of these intervals. This means that your next service will occur on that same day, at that same time and with the same washer, one week; two weeks, or 4 weeks later.

12) The Pre-Inspection button is designed for the protection of both parties. Upon arrival at your designated location, the Washer, together with the User, will perform a 360 degree inspection of your vehicle for any damages, prior to service commencement. These are noted and where necessary, the image captured on the App by both Parties and signed off by the User. Opting out of this process is at your own risk. Please note that if you select the Pre-Inspection option, you need to be present at your vehicle when your Washer arrives. If this is not possible, please tap “Off” and this feature will be bypassed.
ON = Pre-Inspection selected and
OFF = Pre-Inspection skipped

13) Select your desired time slot.

14) Check your service details summary and tap “checkout”.

15) A service booking confirmation SMS will be sent to you, with an applicable reference number.

16) Successful booking summary details will appear. Tap continue.

17) Booked services comprehensive details will appear under “Pending”. Tap on the tutorial “?” above “Pending” for an explanation on the various icons.

18) All concluded services will be listed under “Settled”.

1) You will be notified when the Washer is on their way.

2) A “Track Washer” notification will pop up and you are able to track your Washer in the App in order to ensure you and your vehicle/s are ready for their service/s.

3) You will be notified when your Washer arrives.

4) If you have selected the “Pre-Inspection” process, you will perform this with your Washer and sign off accordingly.

5) Your Washer will perform your selected service/s and you will be notified once they are complete.