About us

Who we are

Our Company

Valet-V, your modern day mobile vehicle cleaning and detailing professional. Revolutionising the Vehicle Care Industry.

As a technology company, we link users to our own network of Mobile Vehicle Cleaning and Detailing Professionals, bringing convenience, quality and time-saving solutions to people looking for on-demand vehicle cleaning and detailing services, wherever they are, all at the tap of a button.

Our Story

Valet-V was founded with time-saving, convenience and quality of service in mind.

As a senior professional working in the demanding corporate world, my time has always been limited. At home this is no different, as a growing family requires constant attention. In the past I would spend time on weekends maintaining the condition of my vehicles, but soon family activities began to take priority.

With less free time and more frequent vehicle use, we soon found ourselves taking weekend trips to the local car wash, that resulted in mandatory mall visits. More often than not, we would end up loafing about when we could have been getting on with our lives. And so, leaving the mall one late Saturday morning, I asked myself: Could I make the car wash come to me, at the tap of a button? Surely there must be a way!

The Valet-V App, where innovative technology, enables fingertip convenience, revolutionising the mobile vehicle cleaning and detailing on-demand service industry, ie: "The Uber for Vehicle Cleaning and Detailing".

Our Story

Our Vision

To leave a legacy, by creating a sustainable business for self-starters, driven by passionate employees, proud to serve their communities.

Our Values

Convenience Download the Valet-V App and register your account. Order your service package and relax as one of our Washers cleans / details your vehicle/s at your requested location and pay when they are done. No more frustrations sitting around in queues and wasting precious time. Now you can get about your business whilst professionals work on your vehicle around your schedule.
Professional  Our Washers are all background checked, professionally trained and insured. We make sure your pride and joy is always in the best hands.
Innovative  We keep up with technology trends to ensure a seamless experience for you and your vehicle, time and time again. The products we use are carefully selected and are rated some of the best in the world.
Respect  All our relationships, both internal and external, are found and sustained with mutual respect.
Integrity  A fundamental quality we seek in our employees and the hallmark of sound moral and ethical principles.

Our Mission

To provide South Africans with a superior quality vehicle wash, valet and detailing solution, merging world class technology and products, with the best of personal service, driven by people passionate about serving their communities.